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    Awesome artist who also made this Skyward Sword artwork


  2.  Toon Link

    (By もっぷ)

  3. I’m on vacation right now and finally had some time to revisit my little Animal Crossing New Leaf town again. It’s great to be back :P

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  5. The best (and kinda hardest to find) soda that exists on earth: Blue Fanta!

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  8. Another (x) great sweater motif by cluper

  9. nintendo-stuff:

    (Zelda Part II) 

    Skyward Sword


  10. dotcore:

    by Adam Tisdale.

    Available on Tee Public.

  11. There are soooo many awesome artists creating designs for accessories etc. on sites like RedBubble. I want this and this and three iPhones as well, only to justify buying all these fabulous cases seen above.


  12. poorsocialskills:

    last night was exciting (or was this the night before)

    nice picture :3


  14. Anonymous said: Uhm wow, thank you so much for reblogging like *fifty* posts of my blog nintendo-stuff last night!!


    hehe no problem, i love your blog. ♡